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    Hi! I am CS Chong from Melaka, Malaysia, currently residing in Singapore. You can just call me 'Chong' or 'CS' will do too. I was born in 1976, married and blessed with a son. Just 3 of us, a very small, but very happy family ~_~

    Although I am working presently in IT field, my main passion has always been photography. I love capturing moments, as I believe that these precious moments once captured, it will be an everlasting memories. Hence the tag-line of my logo (a little bit cheesy, but its true ~_~)

    I have chosen the route of being a part time photographer, as I think at the moment this represent the best balance of life for me and family. But please don't be put-off that I am not a full time 'professional' photographer, on the contrary, I do believe that professionalism is not a matter of whether doing it full time or not, but its the attitude that counts.

    Please browse through my works in the albums and please do not hesitate to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.

    If you need any photography services, please drop me an email or sms and I shall response as soon as possible.

    Have a pleasant stay. Thanks!

{random} in search, of love.

I have not being able to shoot and post as much as I wished I could, life has caught up with me, especially Adrian is growing fast and he needs his dad to be around to accompany (discipline) him most of the time:)

I thought of kicking start a new category called random, whereby I will post, well, random pictures, and share some of my thought on it.

So, here is the first one. It’s actually just a simple shot of a rose, which I took when my family and I were on vacation in Kuching (wife’s hometown, East Malaysia). I was actually busy taking photos of Adrian boy who was running around the house and I saw this rose and it intrigued me, so I pressed the shuttle, and continue chasing Adrian.

After processing the photos in Lightroom and CS5, I really fell in love with this picture. I can’t say why, but there is something which is subtle yet interesting about it. I think the contrast of red on green really stands out, and the overall mood of the image, as if it is telling the story of the lonely rose…. as if it’s searching for love.

Hope you will like it, cheers!

{Dillon – Family’s Day Out} Documentary

A secondary schoolmate of mine asked me to take a family documentary & portraiture shots for her family 2 months back. There were 3 sisters, one very handsome looking baby boy – Dillon and his grandma. Dillon is a few months younger than my son, and obviously he was the center of attention throughout the photo shooting session. Frankly throughout the photo shooting session, I really admire the close bond between the family members. It’s always pleasure to photo shoot a loving and closely tied family:)I hope you can feel it too through some of the photos shown here. They already told me that they wanted to have another session of portraiture for the sisters, but I have not have the time yet. Hopefully soon.

Now, enjoy the photos, and behold the cuteness of baby Dillon:)

{Wei Li & Christina} Actual Day

I was asked by a talented young photographer GwoWei from RayDanz to assist him 2nd-shooting the wedding of a lovely couple Wei Li & Christina. This is my first full actual day shooting in Singapore, so obviously I was kinda nervous, and being 2nd shooter for another pro photographer it just adds to the pressure. But as soon as the shooting session started everything seems to fall into places. Wei Li is a smart, soft-spoken gentlemen, who is deeply and passionately in love with Christina. During the wedding reception there was a slideshow about how the 2 lovebirds went through their early life and then their path crossed at one point and from there onwards it’s the path of love which they followed. I was really touched by their love story! I sincerely felt that they will make a great couple and I am sure they are destined to grown old together, hand in hand:)All the best to Wei Li & Christina!

Below are some of the highlights taken by me. I was tasked to take the images from the groom side in the morning, so that’s why I don’t have the morning part of images for the bride side:)And btw…. I LOVE HER PINK/PURPLE GOWN!!!!!!


Venice Ang - October 23, 2011 - 5:55 pm

Pressure produces better work, when you take it as challenge to move you forward. This batch of photos are the best works of you that I’ve seen! 加油!

Gabriel Purziani - December 30, 2012 - 4:36 pm

Very emotive images, beautiful photos. Best regards from Argentina.

{Tan Family} Documentary

I have known Susan since our days in primary school, hence I felt very honored when she engaged me to carry out a  documentary photo-shoot for her family.  Mentally I felt quite pressured as it is always a challenge shooting someone that I know very well. But as the shooting session went by, it turned out to be very smooth and I managed to ‘blend in to the environment’ and they almost managed to fully ignored me and carry out with they daily activities. That was the basic concept of this photo session, to document ‘a day in the life’ with no posing, no instruction from the photographer (except, the group photo session).

During the photography session I can really feel the close bond between each family member, and the love they have for each other. They can be quite funny and quirky at times so there were plenty of laughter going on throughout the session. It is always a pleasure shooting images of fun loving & happy people:)Below are some of the images which I would like to share with you. Also I found a poem which is very fitting to reflect how I feel about the Tan’s family.  Enjoy:)

thanks to you, I’m happy,
you love me for who I am,
thanks to you, I want to smile,
your always there for me,
thanks to you, I sing,
the love you give is better then air,
thanks to you, I live,
‘cause everyday with you is an adventure,
thanks to you, I’m me,
because when I look at you,
and stare in to your eyes,
I see something beyond life,
I see something beyond you,
I even see something beyond me,
I see love.

                                                                                       (c) Samara




{Nicholas & Li Yong} Actual Day

I had the great pleasure of doing the Actual Day wedding documentary for this lovely couple, Nicholas and Li Yong on 28th July 2011. I was introduced to this couple by Li Yong’s cousin for which I did her wedding reception shot in 2010. Hence it was nice to see some familiar faces around on that day.  The ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ were wearing Hawaiian themed dresses and so it turned out to be a very colorful and vibrant event which is just simply lovely to be photographed. And the ‘brothers’ even brought in an unexpected guess – Betty to the gate-crash! (try to figure out which one is Betty:)) It was a fun and memorable event for all of us and especially to Nicholas and Li Yong, thank you for inviting me to document this most important moments of your life and all the best to both of you!

Below are some of the highlights from the wedding day. There are quite a few images here so please allow some time for it to load completely. At the end I also include the slideshow which highlights both the day ceremony as well as the night reception. This is one of the longest slideshow which I have created thus far, so please grab some popcorn, sit tight and enjoy the show!

Thank you!

SK Yong - July 18, 2011 - 5:33 pm

Chong, I must said that you have improve a lot..keep it up :)

cschongphotography - July 18, 2011 - 11:24 pm

Thanks Kok, I am still a beginner and still have lots to learn from all of you pro photographers! Thanks for dropping by, appreciate that!

Gabriel Purziani - December 30, 2012 - 3:59 pm

Excellent your work, congratulations and greetings from Argentina.